With deep expertise in iOS and Android, we specialize in developing secure, engaging apps for smartphones and tablets.

Web & Database

Thin clients, mobile web, and administrative panels. We partner with you to provide complete, secure solutions.


ADT, HL7, CCD, Direct, and more.
Our focus is healthcare and
we speak your language.

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MD Founder

Tappify is a physician-run consulting agency. Our founding director is a former software consultant who did his medical training at Dartmouth and Brown before founding and running Care Thread, an investor-backed healthcare startup.

As a result, we are very familiar with the clinical needs of healthcare providers, and ensure you get the best solution for your organization.

For vendors, we also understand the unique business challenges when creating solutions for the healthcare market, and we work with you to maximize your success.

Privacy & Security

We understand how important HIPAA and HITECH compliance is to your organization, and we design your solutions to meet these regulatory requirements, including the Final Omnibus Rule.

From a technical standpoint, we develop solutions with integrated auditing and logging, and follow a security-first development model with PHI encrypted both at rest (on servers and devices) and in motion (over networks).

And whenever possible we recommend a server-driven architecture that eliminates the need to store any PHI on mobile devices.

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